Sunday, August 30, 2015

Moss Rose Connections

Welcome Tea Friends,

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. The 100+ temps have begun to weigh me down and my flowers. I'm starting to yearn for autumn even though I'll miss the warm evenings.

Well, the garden has certainly suffered from the drought. It's not enjoyable looking out onto brown grass and dry foliage, but all of us are doing our part to conserve water. At the start of summer I purchased some drought resistant plants and two pots of colorful moss roses. The garden desperately needed some color. I was not familiar with these flowers and thought they would add the perfect amount of color to one of my pots. 

I have really enjoyed these tiny pom poms of color and they have done remarkably well in the heat. There is such a variety of color between the two plants.

I've learned moss roses originate from South America and their seeds are edible raw or cooked.

After I bought the these little roses, I realized I had a Royal Albert dessert plate named Moss Rose-an ebay purchase from over a year ago. 
I've been trying to create some teacup trios and possibly "research" a pattern I would like to collect. Right now I don't own a complete teaware set. I do enjoy mixing and matching what I do own for tea parties, but one day I would like to have a set I adore. Also, I think it would be fun acquiring all of the different pieces for the set.

While on ebay, this Moss Rose dessert plate caught my eye and recently while on etsy a Moss Rose teacup and saucer caught my attention.

Can you tell which Moss Rose pattern is older?
It's the dessert plate on the top left. Royal Albert produced that Moss Rose pattern in 1946. There is more gold trim along the edge compared to the newer saucer.

Royal Albert 1946 Moss Rose backstamp

 My first teacup trio courtesy of ebay and etsy!
Here is information on the Moss Rose backstamps and other teaware in this pattern: Royal Albert Moss Rose

I love the cup's subtle floral design. The pattern is feminine but not over the top and the gold keeps it classic. This pattern was produced from 1956-1960's. It was finally discontinued in 2001. I really think I'm going to start collecting this pattern. As of now, I'm using this teacup/saucer for my tea during the weekends. It's silly as tea drinkers not to partake tea in our lovely bone china cups.
I'd like to end this post with one of my aunt's beautiful lace doilies which she sews without a pattern.

The textured designs are simply amazing!

Have a wonderful start to September! I may be a bit slow in visiting all of your blogs this week, but hope to eventually get to all of them by the end of the week.

Take care,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

School Bells are Ringing...

    Dear Tea Friends,

   School bells are ringing and my head is spinning. I'm a teacher and I head back to school this week. The last two weeks have been a bit hectic as I was given a new teaching assignment. I've been staying up to the wee hours of the morning writing curriculum and planning. Sorry that my blog has suffered. I was hoping to post tonight, but I don't think that will happen. I have all of my photos ready to go-I just need to type the post.

Blogging has been such a wonderful outlet to me. Teaching can be all consuming and blogging provides balance and an opportunity to devote time to my interest of tea and teacups. It is something I want to continue to do on a regular basis. (There may just be some speed bumps along the way.) I thoroughly enjoy the connections I have made with all of you and I find your posts so inspiring.
Please join me for tea next week,

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pretty as a Peach Paragon

Happy August Tea Friends,
I hope you are enjoying the last "official" month of summer! Please accept my apologies for not posting last week. I flew to a work conference in San Diego and the wifi was really spotty in the hotel which made it quite difficult to complete a post. I'll finish up that post at another time. For now I would like to share about yesterday's fruit picking experience.

My family has been eager for me to make a peach cobbler so we awoke early and headed to a u-pick farm area. The farm we chose had u-pick yellow peaches, white peaches, plums and heirloom tomatoes.
We are not huge fans of white peaches so we were on the lookout for yellow ones. Unfortunately only two of the trees had yellow peaches-petite ones and they were rock hard. Hence no peach cobbler...I will share the my recipe later in another post.

Peach Trees

I'm most excited about the heirloom tomatoes we picked because our vegetable garden was very unsuccessful this summer. I believe the variety is Brandywine-the type I grew last year. These tomatoes were incredibly tasty. Last night I made a pasta sauce with them and just enjoyed eating them chopped with feta cheese and a dash of pepper.

Well, back onto our peach theme. Early last spring I purchased a peach colored Paragon teacup on ebay which inspired this post. My favorite color is orange so this teacup being peach caught my eye on ebay.

Please join me in the pergola for a morning tea...
 Choose a seat.

Today we will be drinking "White Orchard" by Mighty Leaf which is a white tea with melon and peach flavors. 

The Beehouse teapot fits the color scheme well.

I'm so drawn to the intricate patterns on Paragon pieces and the gold scalloped edges. This teacup appears as if it has never been used. Was it a gift that was placed in a curio chest? 


Signed backstamp

Come join me another time as we share peach cobbler. For now, enjoy your tea times this week!