Pretty as a Peach Paragon

Happy August Tea Friends,
I hope you are enjoying the last "official" month of summer! Please accept my apologies for not posting last week. I flew to a work conference in San Diego and the wifi was really spotty in the hotel which made it quite difficult to complete a post. I'll finish up that post at another time. For now I would like to share about yesterday's fruit picking experience.

My family has been eager for me to make a peach cobbler so we awoke early and headed to a u-pick farm area. The farm we chose had u-pick yellow peaches, white peaches, plums and heirloom tomatoes.
We are not huge fans of white peaches so we were on the lookout for yellow ones. Unfortunately only two of the trees had yellow peaches-petite ones and they were rock hard. Hence no peach cobbler...I will share the my recipe later in another post.

Peach Trees

I'm most excited about the heirloom tomatoes we picked because our vegetable garden was very unsuccessful this summer. I believe the variety is Brandywine-the type I grew last year. These tomatoes were incredibly tasty. Last night I made a pasta sauce with them and just enjoyed eating them chopped with feta cheese and a dash of pepper.

Well, back onto our peach theme. Early last spring I purchased a peach colored Paragon teacup on ebay which inspired this post. My favorite color is orange so this teacup being peach caught my eye on ebay.

Please join me in the pergola for a morning tea...
 Choose a seat.

Today we will be drinking "White Orchard" by Mighty Leaf which is a white tea with melon and peach flavors. 

The Beehouse teapot fits the color scheme well.

I'm so drawn to the intricate patterns on Paragon pieces and the gold scalloped edges. This teacup appears as if it has never been used. Was it a gift that was placed in a curio chest? 


Signed backstamp

Come join me another time as we share peach cobbler. For now, enjoy your tea times this week!


  1. Good morning, Nora! Awww too bad for your family on the no peach cobbler! The heirloom tomatoes must've been a big hit, however! Your paragon teacup is such a beauty and the tea flavor sounds perfect for a delightful summer tea.

  2. I love your "clipper" teapot and your cup and saucer is wonderful! Sorry, I can't just pass you some peach pie!! So glad you shared at my blog party Nora. I hope to be faster at commenting now that I'm retired.

  3. Your post is just peachy, Nora!

    I've never met a Paragon teacup that I didn't like and I love your teacup's soft peach colour. Now you've got me wanting an orange or peach teacup. Hee! Your White Orchard tea sounds like the perfect light, fruity tea to enjoy during the summer.

  4. Love your Paragon teacup! I have seen that pattern before and love it! And boy does peach cobbler sound good! We are just getting good ones! Yum! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Beautiful teacup. Your peach cobbler looks delicious. Have a lovely day.

  6. Hi sweet Nora! I always love joining your for tea - you create such a warm and inviting post with your kind words :) Your tea cup is truly stunning! I simply love the pattern!

    I will be featuring you at Roses of Inspiration on Monday afternoon - thanks for sharing. Hugs to you!

  7. Oh, Nora, I love teacups, and this Paragon set is delightful and so delicately beautiful! So sorry the peaches were hard, but when they ripen, yum! I'm visiting from The Enchanting Rose! Hugs!

  8. Hi Nora. I just discovered your blog through Enchanted Rose. What a nice title "Tea Cup Tales" I love that. Your paragon tea cup is really pretty. I love the flowers in it.
    <a href="'> Maya from Pretty Nails And Tea</a>


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