Teacup Exchange Reveal

Hello Tea Friends,
One of the highlights since entering the blog world is participating in fellow blogger Stephanie's teacup exchange at The Enchanting Rose. Stephanie hosts this exchange twice a year and this was my second time participating. Last fall Stephanie was my exchange partner and gifted me with a beautiful Spode teacup and many of her amazing handiwork crafts.

This year I was delighted to receive two wonderful packages from Debbie of Blogger Loves the King!

Debbie gifted me cinnamon stick tea. Cinnamon happens to be my favorite seasoning and I enjoy flavored black teas. Along with the tea, there was a devotional book which had space for journal reflections. I like the garden theme.

This beautiful Paragon teacup was also included! The cup and saucer feature exquisitely painted camellias. If you read my blog, you may recall I featured a similar teacup. I am thrilled to have a pair! They are actually my first pair of matching teacups.

I really admire the artistry of Paragon.

Thank you Debbie for your generosity and thoughtfulness behind these gifts!

It's so wonderful to make connections over tea and across the miles.

The next teacup or mug exchange will take place in September or October. See Stephanie's blog for more details.

Here's to a wonderful week filled with tea times and friends,


  1. Lovely post, my friend. And oh my, what a gorgeous tea cup from the generous and kind Debbie! I know you will enjoy having it in your collection, sweet Nora :)

    I am so glad you joined the exchange again and I am even happier to see how richly blessed you were. Enjoy your week! Love and hugs to you!

  2. Hooray for getting your first pair of beautiful matching teacups! I've never met a Paragon teacup that I didn't like and your "Camelia" cup is a beauty.

  3. Thank you Nora. So glad you liked it and hope you are enjoying the book and tea. So glad to get to know you and enjoy sipping some tea or coffee while reading your blog.

  4. What a beautiful teacup, Nora, and now a matching pair!! How great is that?! Your tea and book are wonderful additions for your special tea time.

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  6. Dear sweet Nora, you received a lovely gift! I am still enjoying my beautiful teacup from the last exchange! Have a beautiful day!

  7. Your Paragon teacup with the roses is pretty and the devotional looks like good reading while sipping tea.

  8. What a stunning teacup you received in this wonderful exchange swap! And to think you have a matching one makes it just perfect!

  9. Hello Nora, I've come over for a visit from my dear Stephanie's teacup reveal, so nice to meet you. You have a lovely place here and I am happily following you along.
    What a gorgeous teacup that Debbie gifted you with. She certainly did her homework. :) I love the camellia's gracing their beauty for your enjoyment.
    That book looks like a wonderful read as you sit by the garden side.
    Enjoy you treasures~~

  10. Well, don't you just have the perfect blog for this event! And what a pretty tea cup you've received.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Congratulations on getting your first pair! I found your blog while searching for teacups, and I think that your pictures are amazing. The teacup is beautiful. What a lovely gift!


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