Simply Beehouse Teapots

"The very sight of a teapot puts a smile on the face of most people. One cannot help but think of more serene and genteel times. From a whimsical child's teapot to an elegant English Teapot, to collectible teapots that adorn some homes, they are a subtle reminder of all that is good in this world."
                                                                    ~Barbara Roberts

This week I want to simply share about some teapots I use on a regular basis. While they are not vintage English teapots, they're durable, aesthetically pleasing and hold temperature well. They're called Beehouse Teapots and Zero Japan is the manufacturer. Zero Japan was established in 1992 and its products can be purchased on Amazon and the Beehouse Teapot website. Their organic shape appealed and still appeals to me.

My first teapot is the 12 oz banana one which I use almost daily. I just keep refilling the teapot with hot water. The carrot one is 22 oz and I use it when a friend comes over for a casual tea. Most of the teapots are named after food colors.

My mom has a 26 ounce teapot in white.

The fine mesh infuser is the feature I enjoy most about these teapots. You can order replacement infusers on the website. 

Since I like to drink my tea hot, I found a cozy that fits perfectly. 
This is how I like to start my Saturday mornings. Typically there are more magazines and books. :)

Not sure I've shared my new wooden tray with all of you. Great clearance item at Tuesday Morning.

So true!

All the best,

I'm bringing my teacup to these parties:


  1. I also like Beehouse teapots for everyday use. A few years ago, I found a black one in excellent condition at a local thrift store for only $5! I really like the pretty banana and carrot colours of your teapots and would also love to own one in purple!

  2. Nora, I too am always happy to meet fellow tea lovers! I like your teapots; I've never seen this particular line. Do they pour well? I do hate a dribbly spout!

    1. I do think they pour well-much better than my two other large teapots. Neither teapot has dripped,but there may be a little tea left on the spout after pouring which is normal. Thanks for asking.

  3. I've seen the Beehouse teapots, Nora, and I'm happy to know that you enjoy them on a daily basis. Your new tray is so pretty, and the quote at the end of your post is indeed so true!!

  4. Hi Nora. I love the teapots...and your tray is wonderful! I do wish we have a Tuesday Morning close. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Dear Nora:
    Thanks for linking to my blog party. I sold Beehouse teapots years back at my store and they are great. I enjoyed your posting about them and your sweet tray which really makes for something helpful!


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