Return to the Emerald Isle

Hello Tea Friends,
It is so wonderful to be back blogging! I certainly apologize for my blogging break. Simply put, life just got in the way. I think I put too high of expectations on myself regarding my blogging schedule. 
My love of tea, blogging and most importantly the online friendship connections I've made have led me back. I look forward to sharing when I can and visiting your wonderful blogs.
View flying into Cork Airport

As many of you may remember, my mom was born in Ireland and all of her family still lives there today. Thanks to low summer airfares I journeyed to London and Cork, Ireland. It was truly a magnificent trip. I have really missed my aunts, uncles and cousins.

We stayed at the lovely and quaint Arosfa Hotel in the Bloomsbury area of London. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the back courtyard, reading, enjoying tea and listening to the chatter of the songbirds. It was a nice respite from the busy streets of London.

While In London and Cork I had my share of tea! Here is the average size one person teapot. I'm sure it is in my mind, but Barry's Tea tastes so much better overseas. Perhaps it is the water. I was perfectly content each morning with a slice of Irish brown bread and cups of tea.

I took hundreds of photos on this trip, and still they don't capture the beauty of the Irish countryside. The weather was less than ideal with rain and gloom each day along with strong winds. This photo was taken near Drombeg Stone Circle, an ancient stone circle near Glandore.

Certainly my favorite part was being on the family farm which has been in our family for two hundred years. It's a working dairy farm. 

I always try to make a connection with tea (new tea room, tea or teacup purchase) on my travels. It was quite effortless to do so on this trip. 

Have a wonderful week,


  1. Welcome back, Nora! Your family trip to Ireland sounded wonderful. It must have been delightful to experience the Irish tea culture!


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