Honey Black Oolong

Hello Tea Friends,
I want to share with you a new tea I discovered at the San Francisco Tea Festival...Honey Black Oolong by Esteemed Tea Collective
I'm always eager to try new tea types, as I mainly drink different varieties of black tea.

The label describes this Taiwanese tea as,"sweet natural honey aroma coupled with mellow spices that warms and invigorates the body and soul. Perfect for a cold winter morning or as an afternoon pick me-up."
The sachets are filled with whole tea leaves. (All packaging is recyclable.) Esteemed Collective is now selling this oolong tea as loose leaf.
After I finished my first cup, I really noticed how smooth the tea tasted. There was absolutely no bitterness. Also, I like that it can be re-steeped about three times. I think this a perfect tea for devout black tea lovers to try.

Every type of tea has health benefits. Oolong is also known to aid in digestion and stimulate brain activity.

Esteemed Tea Collective sells a variety of oolong teas which are all sourced from Taiwan. Shipping was fast and my tea came with a handwritten note.

The temperatures are so well suited for National Hot Tea Month. We've had multiple rainy days which is unusual. After a break in the rain, I took a short stroll outside and discovered...
All of the Valencia oranges have ripened. Time to make more orange juice!
Some color in between trees with alstroemeria buds

and daffodils poking through! Too, too early!

Have a wonderful week and hope you find a bit of "color" outside during these cold winter days.


  1. The tea sounds wonderful - thanks for the info. Love the orange tree.

  2. Tea sounds great, I enjoyed a cup of Earl Gray Black Tea this morning.

  3. The tea sounds wonderful, Nora. I'm a black tea lover like you, and I enjoy trying different flavors. How wonderful your orange tree looks! Happy tea time to you!

  4. I'm intrigued by the Honey Black Oolong tea. One of of my friends is from Taiwan and one year, she brought me back the Oriental Beauty goldfish tea bags. It was one of the best teas I've ever tasted.

    P.S. I'm so jealous to see the pool and growing trees and flowers!

    1. P.P.S. Forgot to mention that I also like the recycling package of the Esteemed Tea Collective!


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