Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is It February?

While this is not a tea post per se, I find that tea lovers tend to be nature lovers and gardeners so I thought those of you who live in snowy areas may find these photos of an early spring appealing.

Two weeks ago I noticed green shoots all around my front and back yards. I was a bit frustrated because I thought they were palm tree shoots which are really invasive. To my happy surprise the shoots were daffodils! I still can't believe we have daffodils in February! It's so early. We are currently experiencing unusually warm temperatures. Just looking at daffodils makes me smile! 

Yesterday while on a walk I spotted a white cherry blossom tree already in bloom. The beautiful pink ones are also in bloom.  (Hopefully allergy/hay fever season doesn't arrive soon.)

Are there any signs of spring in your backyard?

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  1. Your daffodils are so beautiful! I have seen white cherry trees blossoming while walking my dog, but sadly, they are not in my backyard. I love spring. :)


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