Belleek Teacup Celebration

Cead Mile Failte....One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
in Irish

Welcome to my Belleek Teacup Party! 

St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching and it's a special day indeed for me. My mother is from scenic West Cork in Ireland. Visiting my aunt, uncles and cousins in Cork has provided me with some of the most memorable trips and experiences of my life.

Growing up there was Belleek and Waterford crystal in my home as these pieces were much more affordable years ago in Ireland.

I'll share some of my favorite Belleek teacups along with a few images of West Cork.

This teacup is a birthday gift from my sister in law. The woven textured body and shamrocks make it quite endearing. It has the Eleventh Mark back stamp from 2001-2006. All Belleek pieces have back stamps which give you an estimate of the production date. If you're interested, you can use this link to date your pieces:

This is my oldest piece of Belleek and today's featured teacup...a Third Black Mark (1926-1946) Limpet cup. I purchased this at a local antique shop and definitely wonder about its original home and the tales it could tell. What makes Belleek so unique in my opinion is its translucent quality. The pieces really do seem to shine due to their luster and extreme thinness. Belleek is produced with a significant amount of frit. Frit is a calcinated mixture of sand and fluxes ready to be melted in a crucible to make glass.

Third Black Mark (1926-1946)


I held this saucer a couple of feet away from the window. Look how transparent it is. Needless to say, I do not serve tea in these older cups. They will remain safe in my curio chest. I hope to add some more black mark teacups to my collection.

Inside glaze of the cup

My next teacup looks very similar to the Limpet but is not quite as old. (I'm not exactly sure of its pattern name as there are two Belleek patterns that look quite similar. I would love to learn what it is if you know the pattern name. Thanks!)

It is a Sixth Mark with a long production line of 1965-1980.

This is the "work horse" of my tea drinking. I use this mug almost every day. My mom's cousin is a member of the Belleek Collectors Society and received two of these mugs.  I enjoy its thin rim and its sturdiness compared to the older Belleek teacups. It has the recent dark brown backstamp (2008-2010).

Before you leave, let's take a quick virtual trip to West Cork.

Blarney Castle


West Coast

My favorite- the acres of land and the farms
I can never tire of this scene.

Thank you for traveling with me today and enjoying a cup of tea!


  1. I have only one piece of Beleek and it is a Christmas decoration. Love the colour of Beleek, Our year old grand daughter is called Nora, it's a name that is coming back into fashion.

    Gill in Southern Ontario, Canada

  2. Wonderful! I love Belleek and I LOVE Ireland...especially the Cork/Cobh, Dublin area where we have spent time several times. Lovely reminder! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Belleek is so lovely and fragile looking. I have no Irish in my blood but I married an Irishman... His father was from Island Magee in Northern Ireland and his great grandparents on his mothers side were from County Cork. So both sides are represented.

  4. Your Belleek is so transparent and lovely. I am married to an Irishman and I am a wee bit myself, Irish. My MIL was a full blooded Irish gal. I would love to see the countryside in Ireland. Actually, they always compare our Island with Ireland because of the pasture lands and rolling hills. There is an Irish gospel singer who comes here almost every year and he says the Island reminds him of home. Thank you for sharing with us and joining me for tea this week.


    1. Since reading Anne of Green Gables as a young girl, I've always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island. I never realized that it looks similar to Ireland. It makes me want to visit there even more now. There is just something about the rolling hills and different patches of green land that takes your breath away. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love your Belleek china. It is always special to put them out during this time of year. I will share my next week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  6. Love the translucent quality of Belleek's teacups. Thanks for the armchair travel to Ireland.

  7. Hi Nora! Belleek is so delicate and pretty. I bought my first mismatching set last year and I love it. I haven't seen your two ribbed cups (other than the basketweave) before, thanks for sharing those beauties! I really enjoyed your pictures of Cork--gorgeous!

  8. Nora, just to let you know I have done a post for tomorrow (Wednesday) about our book club and what books we are reading if you are interested?


  9. hello,
    i love your photos ....especially the landscape of ireland.
    blessings from germany,

  10. Nora: What an interesting post with so much information. I do love it all. I have never studied Belleek. So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea.

  11. Hi Nora,
    Your beleek china is gorgeous! I have a few belleek pieces from my mother-in-law. Thank you for visiting me! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  12. Hi Nora,
    Your beleek china is gorgeous! I have a few belleek pieces from my mother-in-law. Thank you for visiting me! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  13. Happy March! Love this teacup collection!

  14. What beautiful teacups especially your featured Belleek. It is gorgeous.


  15. What a gorgeous, gorgeous teacup and saucer from your sister-in-law! Kudos on the venture into blogging!

  16. I enjoyed this post so much. I have some Belleek too and I marvel at how delicate they are. How do they survive through time and travel especially the older pieces? I have not seen that Limpet before. How gorgeous!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Thanks for the great post. Slainte

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! I agree; it's amazing how the older Belleek pieces have survived being so delicate. It makes me want to collect them even more. Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!


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