Hand painted Royal Albert with Snow Leopard Tea

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As the season of Autumn begins and the weather cools (hopefully here), I'm drawn to the hues of orange and brown and the scents of cinnamon and pumpkin spices. I've been leafing through my magazines and cookbooks looking for new recipes. Probably my go to fall favorite is pumpkin bread which I will feature later this month.
In two weeks my town will hold an Antique Fair downtown with one hundred booths selling vintage items. Last year I bought a beautiful citrine sterling silver ring at the fair. Hopefully there will be much more tea ware this year. There are very few antique and thrift stores in my area so I look to ebay and etsy for my shopping needs/wants.

Today's featured teacup is one I found on ebay.

"Autumn stars shine through gaps in the walls...He ...brews midnight tea by the stove's ruddy light."
~From a Taoist song, quoted in The Chinese Art of Tea by John Eaton Bloefeld

This is the oldest Royal Albert in my collection.
I was drawn to the cup's unusual shape.

 Royal Albert is very teacup collector friendly. Most of their teacups feature the name of the pattern on the cup's bottom. With this teacup being older on the older side, the pattern name is missing.  I went to a Royal Albert patterns website to look for information about this particular teacup.

It is a slooow site, but I learned this pattern is titled 
The pattern is described as Hollyhocks or Foxglove. You can see the other teacups in this pattern.

Backstamp indicates the cup was produced from 1935-1945.

I really appreciate the artistry in this teacup. I have very few hand painted teacups.

"Tea is a divine herb."
~Xu Guangqi

Our fine teacups deserve a fine tea!
My coffee friends enjoy going to Peet's Coffee and since I'm not a coffee drinker, I've had to find a tea that I would enjoy there. 
Snow Leopard is a wonderful white tea whose flavor bridges the seasons from summer to autumn.

Snow Leopard is a Bai Mu Dan white tea which is described as having smooth flavors of hints of herbs, fresh grass and flowers and white grape sweetness.

Its liquid color is pale yellow and has almost an oolong taste.
This is the second loose tea I purchased from Peets and I've been pleased with both.
Come by next week and find out who gave me my cute new purple feathered friend!

Happy Tea Time,


  1. Love your teacup! Such a pretty design. Peets is a great local coffee company...didn't realize they did tea as well!

  2. Your RA teacup is so pretty, Nora! I've had some Peet's teas, also, but not the one that you mentioned. I really enjoy trying new flavors.

  3. Royal Albert does make fabulous cups and saucers and I do love the shape of your cup! It looks like the Montrose shape to me. The foxglove design is lovely and especially since it spills itself over the rim and into the cup. Cute little birdie too. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week, Nora.


  4. What a lovely teacup, Nora! I agree that the RA backstamps make it easier for collectors to find info about the patterns. Last weekend, I bought a mismatched RA set at a church rummage saler which was selling cups and saucer sets for only $2. I was trying to limit my purchase so my indecisiveness became someone else's gain. The nice teacups were snatched up literally minutes after the doors were opened. Ah, well. I'm sure another teacup will come along my way to take my mind off the ones that got away...Hee!

  5. Hi Nora! Thanks for your kind comment--especially after my absence :). I really like your RA teacup. RA is one of my favorites too, and that pattern is really unique. I also haven't seen that backstamp yet--cool!

  6. Good evening Nora, Your teacup and saucer are so pretty! I also appreciate the beautiful detail in the art work! I will anxiously await your pumpkin recipe. Have a wonderful week! Lynn

  7. Yes - definitely an old hand painted one. I am drawn to hand painted tea cups and saucers myself and yours is lovely. I am so glad you shared Nora!

  8. Very pretty plate and teacup!

    (Visiting from the Roses of Inspiration link-up)

  9. Hi Nora,
    I do love your Royal Albert un-named vintage teacup. It is a beauty!The colours are beautiful and match your wee birdie. I will come back next week to find out who gave it to you. Happy Tea Day! Karen

  10. Hi sweet Nora! Thank you for sharing your lovely tea cup with Roses of Inspiration. The colors are quite lovely, my friend. And your little birdie looks so sweet sitting next to the cup {{smiles}} Hugs to you!


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