Everything's Coming up Roses!

"Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet."
~Katherine Lee Bates

Hello Tea Friends,
Last week we had a bit of a warm spell which my roses, flowers and budding vegetables gladly welcomed.
The yellow "Mellow Yellow" rose tree became so top heavy that I really had to cut it back as it was almost ready to fall over. So alas, no photos of those pretty roses- just miniature pink ones.

Since the sun is shining and not too hot, please join me in the backyard for a rose tea.

I have been so excited to share my first teacup trio!

While on a recent trip, I found this "Orleans Rose" trio. It's in wonderful condition with most of the gold trim intact.

I've been looking for (an affordable) trio for quite a while. The almost three dimensional paintings of the roses is quite lovely.

This is my first Royal Standard teaware in my collection. It was produced circa 1950's.

Have a slice of cherry cobbler from the cherries we picked yesterday at a local farm. This is one of my true and tried recipes. I featured it on my last year's Memorial Day post. You can find it here.

"Time brings roses."
~ Portuguese proverb

This post was inspired by last summer's visit to Portland's International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park.

Whether you are an avid rose gardener, photographer or someone who appreciates nature's beauty. this park will not disappoint.

Here are just some of the hundreds of roses:

If you are ever in Portland, Oregon, this garden is not to be missed. Here is more information about the park.

While in the gift shop (can't pass up one when on vacation), I saw three tea bags of rose tea tied together on the counter.

 Of course I bought the tea. After all, Portland is the "City of Roses."
I quite enjoyed it and would describe it as light black tea with a subtle floral taste and scent.
(This is my last tea bag and I'm saving it for a special occasion. Sorry, I didn't fill your cup.)

Have a sunshine filled week,

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  1. Congrats on the acquisition of your first trio set, Nora! The Orleans Rose is beautiful! The Rose tea sounds interesting.

    Have you ever tried Dilmah's Rose with French Vanilla black tea? I'm not usually a fan of floral teas, but I quite enjoyed how the vanilla softened the rose flavour.

  2. What a lovely trio set you found, Nora! The Orleans Rose is a beautiful pattern. The cherry cobbler is making my mouth water, just thinking about how delicious it must be with the fresh cherries. The Rose Tea sounds interesting and was a nice remembrance to savor from your trip.

  3. Hi Nora: Love that new trio of yours. Trio's are so great to find. I want to thank you for your kind words to me. They blessed me. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Martha

  4. Dear Nora:
    I am familiar with this beautiful pattern and it is so lovely. I think you have a really nice set. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  5. The roses are so lovely, Nora. I love your trio! I have a teacup in that pattern but no matching saucer. When I bought the set, {the saucer is American Beauty} the lady led me to believe it was a set but when I got it home, I realized too late that they were mismatched. So, now I'm on the search for an Orleans Rose saucer and an American Beauty teacup. The shop where I got the set was very busy and quite dark so I didn't check the set until I got home. My mistake! By then it was too late to return it. It can pass for a set but isn't. So, that's my story. Your cherry cobbler looks delicious. So happy you could share with us this week. Have a lovely day.


  6. I hope to get out to the Rose Garden this weekend! I've heard it's doing very well. Happy rose season!

  7. The "Orleans Rose" trio is lovely. And the real roses as well :-)

  8. Nora, I've been drinking tea and collecting china since about the age of 2, and I only learned the term "trio" a few years ago from either Bernideen's or Ruth's blog!


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