Tea in the Redwoods

Hello Tea Friends,
Hope your weekend brought you blue skies and time for tea. Camping along the California coast in a Redwood Tree grove was certainly the highlight of my weekend. We just returned from our ninth annual camping trip so please excuse the brevity of this post. There is so much unpacking, washing and laundry to be done. While all of this is tiring, the actual trip was rejuvenating. Being under and among the Redwoods is simply amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading, hiking and having tea on this trip. 

It almost seems impossible to capture the enormity of these amazing living creatures on film.

The smell of the sea hugged the fog in the redwood trees,
All cool and dank, dimly lit and rank with green,
And in the shadowed limbs the Stellar jays jabbered free,
And me, standing silently, an alien in this enchanted scene...
~Michael Garofalo

That excerpt really describes the scene of our campsite. The stellar jays are always on the lookout for the tiniest of crumbs and their shrieks demand attention. The cool weather was a welcome relief too.

Not a great photo...but seeing the morning light seeping through the trees is magical, almost spiritual.

Of course I have to have my tea while camping. Two nicer mugs of mine were broken on past trips by raccoons during the night. This mug is from a Secret Santa exchange five years ago. It survived the trip.

Nice to start the day with hot water!

This year I wanted to bring my favorite black tea which is a special blend from a local tearoom. It's called French Vanilla. It's a loose tea contained in a canister that I placed in tea bags for my trip using Tea Pockets.

These bags almost feel like cloth and can be steeped multiple times. I use them when making iced tea also. Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing a box of fifty:

Thank you for letting me share my camping trip with the oldest living creatures on earth.
Upcoming travels will soon take me to some new tea rooms and next week I'll be back to sharing a featured teacup.
Until then, happy tea and conversation~

New Redwood growth in a protected area!


  1. Nice to have a walk through your post. Seems that you had a wonderful weekend. It is a very tough job of unpacking and laundry.Nice to see the sunlight peaking inside the trees...

  2. What a lovely place to camp! Those majestic trees and cool weather with a cuppa tea sounds delightful. Thx for the info on tea pockets. Glad your mug survived the raccoons!

  3. My late beloved hubby and I visited the redwoods in California, and I thought the forest, I think it was called Armstrong, was the prettiest, most peaceful spot that I've ever been. How nice to have tea in that lovely spot! Thank you for the tip on the teabags. Happy tea time!

  4. This has to be a wonderful setting for tea ... under those magnificent trees. Wonderful! Thanks for the link to the tea pockets. Happy Tea Day!

  5. So glad that you were able to enjoy tea surrounded by these amazing natural wonders. I'm also glad that your super cute mug survived the camping trip. I also tend to use disposable tea bags when I'm out of the house.

  6. Nora, I can't wait to see the redwoods and I know my hubby and I will be camping out there when he retires too! My list of places to go is getting longer and he adds to it too. I don't go anywhere without teabags--my family knows about my little stash in my pocketbook. :) I have never heard of those teabags but I am on my way to investigate! Thanks for the tip! Linda

  7. This looks like a great place to go camping, and always nice to have your favourite tea when you wake up, wherever you are.


  8. Oh I love these Redwoods. Having tea in amongst these magnificent trees would be pure delight.

  9. Beautiful photos, I have always wanted to visit the Redwoods! Thanks for shring.

  10. I'm so happy to have found you... as I am a tea lover myself! I drink several cups of hot tea throughout the day, and how fun to have a blog all about tea and tea adventures! Sign me up... :) I"ll be back... and your pictures and adventure in the redwoods sounds amazing! Something I've never done, but certainly want to someday... and of course, having tea under the redwoods, simply delightful! Have a wonderful and blessed day :)

  11. Good morning, lovely Nora! Oh, what a beautiful place to have tea....I have always wanted to see the Redwoods in person - maybe someday :)

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with Roses of Inspiration...I appreciate the time you take to link up. Hugs!

  12. Hey Nora ..What a beautiful setting for teatime... You heart mug is in perfect harmony for the whispering trees...Thank You for sharing your lovely pictures..they are so relaxing... Hugs

  13. A lovely area for sure - we lived there for years before moving to NW WA - and we loved the quiet and beauty of the redwoods. I'm glad you had such a good time.

  14. Hi Nora,
    Wow! That is a huge Redwood tree! So gorgeous! It sounds so relaxing to have tea in the forest while camping. I couldn't travel without my teabags and pretty mug too! Happy Tea Day Friend! Karen

  15. Those are great trees Nora. I am sure that mug of tea would taste great in the forest. Thanks for sharing.


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