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Celebrating Easter

Please join me for a morning Easter Tea alfresco to celebrate new beginnings, the welcoming of spring and many other blessings. Since the weather has been so warm, we'll have the tea in my backyard. The word "alfresco" sounds more appealing than backyard. (In reality the weather was too  warm and I had to move the tea inside.) The table is full of tea, food and Easter decor. I get so much happiness from setting holiday and themed tables. Don't you? Here is your card holder filled with jelly beans. Vintage porcelain bunny napkin ring  Painted paper mache carrots in a Mason jar Easter Egg Vase from Villeroy and Bach Today's featured teacup is a brand new Royal Patrician from England. The pattern is Aurora.  The soft pastel flowers on the teacup are perfect for an Easter tea. Images on the Pottery Barn table runner Orange Beehouse teapot made by Zero

Lilac Spring Tea

Welcome Spring! Yes, it's officially spring! I just love this time of year. The anticipation of the buds opening and the myriad of colors that are about to appear always puts me in a optimistic mood. Here is my lilac almost in full bloom in the backyard. The color is amazing and the scent is so fragrant. Since the flowers don't last very long, I really cherish them. I'm always sad to see them go. Do any of you have the Bloomerang Lilac  that blooms twice a year? I'm curious about them. Please join me for tea and cookies in the garden.                                       Today's featured teacup is Lilac from Royal Albert's Blossom Time Series. It is in the Shelley shape and I inherited it from a great aunt.  These cups were produced from 1966-1970s. There are six cups in the Blossom Time Series : Apple Blossom, Hawthorne, Laburnum, Lilac, Orange Blossom and Wisteria I really love this series and

St. Patrick's Day Tea~ Brown Bread and Belleek

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Please join me for tea as we celebrate this special day.  Barry's tea will be served in vintage Belleek tea cups (featured on my blog two weeks ago). This pretty tablecloth was an early St. Patrick's Day gift from my mom. I really like the sweet details and the lace-like cut outs. Thanks Mom! I love how there are lavender flowers among the shamrocks. It's not over the top St. Patrick's Day. I plan to use this tablecloth for spring and summer teas as well. Help yourself to sugar from a Belleek Neptune sugar bowl. Fourth mark (first green mark) circa 1946-1955   Please enjoy some gold covered chocolates in a basket of Belleek along with tiny erysimum flowers from my garden. My last pieces of Belleek to share...both were gifts from my uncles. The harp is the national symbol of Ireland and this vase is special to me because it holds soil from my first trip to Ireland. (I know, very sentimen

Forty Shades of Green Teacup Party and Cake

Thank you for joining me today as we continue to "pre-celebrate" St. Patrick's Day with a Forty Shades of Green Teacup Party.  Forty Shades of Green is a common phrase used to describe the fields and landscape of Ireland. When you fly over parts of Ireland, you see a patchwork of beautiful green squares of land. Johnny Cash is the mastermind behind this phrase, and it was the title of his 1961 hit. He was so inspired after a trip to Ireland that he penned the lyrics to the song. (image from internet: free clip art) Here is your teacup which will be today's featured teacup. Our forty shades of green tea party will begin with my one and only green teacup. It is a beautiful mint green Paragon bone china teacup that I inherited from another great aunt. My interest in collecting more Paragon teacups has peaked. I think their patterns are very classic. I thought this was the perfect teacup for St. Patrick's Day as well as welcoming spring with its

Belleek Teacup Celebration

Cead Mile Failte....One Hundred Thousand Welcomes in Irish Welcome to my Belleek Teacup Party!  St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching and it's a special day indeed for me. My mother is from scenic West Cork in Ireland. Visiting my aunt, uncles and cousins in Cork has provided me with some of the most memorable trips and experiences of my life. Growing up there was Belleek and Waterford crystal in my home as these pieces were much more affordable years ago in Ireland. I'll share some of my favorite Belleek teacups along with a few images of West Cork. This teacup is a birthday gift from my sister in law. The woven textured body and shamrocks make it quite endearing. It has the Eleventh Mark back stamp from 2001-2006. All Belleek pieces have back stamps which give you an estimate of the production date. If you're interested, you can use this link to date your pieces: This is my oldest piece