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Friendly Village in the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas season and are eager for what awaits in 2019.
I began the new year at one of my favorite places in the world~ Carmel by the Sea. After spending some time on the beach, I went to a wonderful coffee house/bookstore in nearby Pacific Grove. Despite the cold, I enjoyed a pot of chai al fresco.
Bookworks, located on Lighthouse Avenue, combines two things I love: tea and books. Whenever I visit, I find unique and wonderful titles at the bookstore which is located behind the coffee shop in the same store. I really try to support independent bookstores as much as I can. Every town needs an independent bookstore in my opinion.
Today's featured English teacup and saucer is "The Friendly Village" by Johnson Brothers. This was one of the "holiday" teacups I used for my Christmas Tea. After visiting Carmel and Pacific Grove, I appreciate the calmness and beauty of "villages."
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