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Everything's Coming up Roses!

"Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet." ~Katherine Lee Bates Hello Tea Friends, Last week we had a bit of a warm spell which my roses, flowers and budding vegetables gladly welcomed. The yellow "Mellow Yellow" rose tree became so top heavy that I really had to cut it back as it was almost ready to fall over. So alas, no photos of those pretty roses- just miniature pink ones. Since the sun is shining and not too hot, please join me in the backyard for a rose tea. I have been so excited to share my first teacup trio! While on a recent trip, I found this "Orleans Rose" trio. It's in wonderful condition with most of the gold trim intact. I've been looking for (an affordable) trio for quite a while. The almost three dimensional paintings of the roses is quite lovely. This is my first Royal Standard teaware in my collection. It was produced circa 1950's. Have a slice of cherry cobbler fr

Chai: Tea to Pudding

Happy May! I have been eager to share with you my new chai tea discovery! Chai is one of my favorite types of tea and flavoring. It has become quite popular and is infused in many other types of foods. I first discovered chai while on a vacation in Vancouver about twenty years ago. Starbucks was doing a promotion for their latest drink: chai tea latte. Since I wasn't a coffee drinker, I never had been inside a Starbucks before. The promotion lured me in with the enticing "gift" of a free coffee travel mug decorated with various stamps from Canadian provinces. Well needless to say, I was hooked! I'm not a huge dessert lover, so this is my treat: A tall nonfat no water chai tea latte I adore the mix of sweet and spicy in this chai syrup. Starbucks uses Oregon Chai which can be found in most grocery stores. (courtesy of amazon) I can make the latte on my own with the help of a milk frother, but somehow it tastes better when I go to Starbucks. (Yes, it i