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Blossom Time Cream Tea

While it is still officially summer, my thoughts are heading toward autumn with one day of cooler weather we experienced this weekend. Back to the 90's later this week. This summer I hosted a cream tea in my garden and invited two tea friends whom are avid teacup collectors.  The featured teacups were all from Royal Albert's "Blossom Time" series which I have been collecting and was one short. I like how they are various colors yet blend together so well. This series was produced between 1966-1970s. The series includes Apple Blossom, Lilac, Orange Blossom, Laburnum, Hawthorne and Wisteria-not featured in the photo. (Oops, while reading over this post before publishing, I noticed I forgot to include Apple Blossom in my photo. It's in the curio chest.) The Cream Tea's Menu : Teas : Paris by Harney and Sons          Celebration by Harney and Sons Scones : Traditional Raisin Additional Sweets : Banana Bread                             Apri