Blossom Time Cream Tea

While it is still officially summer, my thoughts are heading toward autumn with one day of cooler weather we experienced this weekend. Back to the 90's later this week.
This summer I hosted a cream tea in my garden and invited two tea friends whom are avid teacup collectors. 

The featured teacups were all from Royal Albert's "Blossom Time" series which I have been collecting and was one short. I like how they are various colors yet blend together so well.

This series was produced between 1966-1970s. The series includes Apple Blossom, Lilac, Orange Blossom, Laburnum, Hawthorne and Wisteria-not featured in the photo.

(Oops, while reading over this post before publishing, I noticed I forgot to include Apple Blossom in my photo. It's in the curio chest.)

The Cream Tea's Menu:

Teas: Paris by Harney and Sons
         Celebration by Harney and Sons
Scones: Traditional Raisin
Additional Sweets: Banana Bread
                            Apricot & White Chocolate Mini Cookies
                            Macaroons from a local French Bakery
                            Plum Crunch by Ina Garten*
*Do not make this the night before. I learned my lesson, as it was really soggy the next morning. Delicious but messy.

I love setting the table! I used a new tablecloth and napkins from Home Goods. The crochet centerpiece was made by my aunt in Ireland.

It's always fun to add something whimsical to the table and my scrabble
"Tea Party" tile added a fun touch! Thank you to Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose for this creative decoration. I received it during a Teacup Exchange.

Despite the hot weather and having to move the tea inside, we had a lovely time talking for literally hours. Tea is the perfect escape from our hectic lives.

Look what I received a few days later...the Hawthorne cup! My collection is now complete. My friend generously gifted me this teacup, as she had two of them. So thoughtful!

Have a lovely week filled with laughter and relaxation,

Since my tea had a lot of pink featured, I'm joining Pink Saturday.



  1. So happy to see a post from you again. Looks like you had a wonderful Summer Tea Party; and the colors were so pretty. Your four tea cups are also so pretty; and what a perfect gift to you to receive the one tea cup and saucer you were missing.

  2. What a lovely tea party! I have the RA blossom teacup with the green handle so I enjoyed seeing the other cups in the series. I'm also a Scrabble nerd so I loved this touch of whimsy!

  3. Nora, how lovely! I love tea parties. Those cups are beautiful. Is the yellow one the laburnum? My English grandfather had a saying--I don't know if it was just his own or common where he was from--When just sitting idle, thinking or whatever, he called it sitting "under the laburnum."

    1. Yes, you're right. The yellow one is Laburnum. I had to look up what a Laburnum flower really looks like on the internet. I'm surprised how lovely the flowering tree is. I could imagine sitting under that tree thinking or daydreaming. :)

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