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Birds & Blooms Morning Tea

" I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it is always June."                                                                                                                                     ~L.M. Montgomery Happy June Tea Friends! The month of June has always been a favorite of mine. The start of summer, my birthday and anniversary, and our annual family camping trip all take place during this remarkable month.  While we don't have the warm weather quite yet, I still enjoy sitting outside on the weekends with my tea even if there is a bit of cold in the air. The singing of neighborhood birds has been symphonic these last couple of weeks. They inspired my post this week along with a special teacup. Please join me for a Birds and Blooms Morning Tea in the garden. When we moved into our house almost five years ago, many bird houses hung from the fences that were left by the previous owners. It piqued my interest in bird decor and of co

Cherry Cobbler with Vanilla Tea for Memorial Day

I hope you are enjoying this three day weekend (to my American friends). This Memorial Day is rather cloudy and chilly so we're going to have a simple family bbq tonight for dinner. My father was in the Air Force and always reminded us to remember the true meaning behind today. During this weekend, I enjoyed seeing several groups of friends. It's so nice to catch up with old time friends. Because of all of these visits, today's post will be a bit shorter. I'll have a nice tea for you next week. Recently I have noticed that when people come to visit or join us for dinner, the requests for decaffeinated coffee and tea have increased. I don't drink decaf tea so I thought I better remedy this. Last December I was at Target and was cruising down the tea aisle and was shocked to see tins of Harney and Sons teas! I remember reading favorable comments about their Vanilla Comoro tea so I purchased a tin of twenty tea sachets. Love the roominess of the sachets so the l

Going Green with Aynsley and Mint Tea

Welcome!  Please join me for a cup of homemade mint tea! A couple of months ago I read an article in Tea Time  magazine about making your own tea from backyard herbs. I thought I would try it; even though I'm not a fan of tisanes.  One of my goals as a blogger is to expand my palate as a tea drinker. I definitely prefer black teas but realize there are so many amazing tastes and health benefits from other types of teas. This post was inspired by today's featured teacup that I recently received from a relative. It was part of her mother's collection and she knew I would welcome it into my own collection. It's subtle mint green color inspired me to make a "green" tea. (Excuse the background for the photos. Today is a dreary dark day with very poor lighting in almost every room...except the kitchen.) It is an Aynsley teacup from England. I really like the white of the outer cup and dramatic curved handle. A swag of bouquets of flowers r

My Parisian Saturday Mornings ~ A Tea Review

Bonjour Tea Friends! Hope all is well with you. For this post I want to share a simple Saturday tea tradition of mine and my first tea review. For many years, I have dreamed about a trip to Paris. While there, I would love to go to a cafe, sip tea and enjoy a croissant and other French pastries. Have any of you had this experience? I also wonder what the tearooms are like in Paris. Are they much different than British ones? I'm interested in learning about your Parisian tearoom experiences. Please share. This image above conjures up many happy emotions for me. I can stare at that photo all day and dream a little. Well back to reality...Whenever possible I like to begin my Saturday mornings with cups of tea and catching up on my reading whether it's magazines or a novel. This little alone time is something I look forward to all week and is a positive way to begin my weekend. Drinking tea at work is a rushed experience and doesn't compare to steeping quality tea

Dainty Baby Blue Tea

Hello again tea friends and new readers, Welcome! I hope you had a nice spring weekend. I have been so excited to share today's Shelley teacups with you. When I first became interested in expanding my inherited teacup collection, I began to research workmanship, pattern designs and value of English bone china because I wanted to concentrate on collecting teacups from mainly one pottery. Most paths led me to Shelley. I'm so impressed with the delicacy and designs of their teaware. Of course I cherish all of my non-Shelley teacups and I want to continue to learn more about the different potteries past and present. While the main focus of my blog will be teacups and their histories, I plan on reviewing teas and tearooms as well starting next week. We'll enjoy having our tea in two vintage baby blue Shelley teacups. I acquired both teacups on ebay. Most people have predominately pink teacups in their collection. I have blue and gold. The first Shelley teacup is Blu