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June Roses

 “Count the roses, not the thorns.”  ― Matshona Dhliwayo I thought this quote is a fitting way to welcome myself back to the blogging world. I'm not going to focus on the "thorns" of having not been an active blogger for a while but instead focus on my happiness of wanting and actually needing to being a part of the tea blogging community again. Communities whether online or in person offer respites of self care. Tea times via Zoom during the pandemic lockdown offered me a chance to connect with others and now outdoor tea times seem like a huge celebration.  Tea remains my elixir for my weekend down time-a good book and a pot of tea! Such a simply joy! Tea continues to be one way to strengthen friendships. It  seems to slow down life's pace and provide opportunity for long chats with friends.  I always look forward to hosting afternoon and cream teas with friends. Trying new recipes and collecting "new" vintage cups are hobbies of mine.  Speaking of collecti