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Welcome December with a Tea Giveaway!

Welcome December! A month of decorating, cooking, entertaining, gift giving and of course tea drinking is heading our way! No matter how much I plan and organize, this month remains a busy one. My goal is to remember the real reason for the season and simply just enjoy being in the moment. Today's featured teacup is Royal Albert's Flower of the Month December cup and saucer: Christmas Rose This teacup and saucer features a Lenten rose, holly and berries. The cup shape is Montrose. I've been wanting to collect this series for some time and purchased my first (this) one last December on ebay. Next I would like to add the June teacup to my collection since it is my birth month, but the prices are pretty high for this series. Here's a pictorial link:  Royal Albert Flower of the Month Series Royal Albert began producing this series in 1970. Well, this December teacup needs some tea. So what better teas than holiday ones?

A Delightful Dessert Tea

Greetings Tea Friends, During the fall and winter months, my desire to bake and my intake of desserts definitely increases. Desserts provide comfort on cold nights along with a pot of tea. Too often the dessert teas I've tried have been overly sweet and artificial tasting. I feel as if I need to drink a glass of water afterward. I am happy to report my dessert tea dilemma has been solved thanks to a tea from  Plum Deluxe . Plum Deluxe sells organic loose leaf teas and is located in Portland, Oregon.  The owner, Andy Hayes, reached out to me to sample some of his teas and now I'm delighted to share Coconut Macaron Dessert Tea with you.  (sorry for the glare) The ingredients are organic black tea, honeybush tea, Rooibos tea, coconut pieces and natural almond essence. The steeped tea is golden brown in color with a scent and taste of light caramel.  I look forward to serving this tea after holiday dinners with dessert. It will complement not overpower desserts. T

See you next week...

Hello Tea Friends, I'm looking forward to sharing a wonderful new dessert tea with all of you next week. I've been swamped with work these last two weeks and haven't had the chance to do a proper post. So sorry! Funny how work gets in the way of life. I hope to visit your blogs this week though. Until next week, Nora 

My November "Simple Woman's Daybook"

Welcome Tea Friends to November! I thought I would try something new this week. Last month or so I read an interesting post on  doodles 'n' daydreams  titled "The Simple Woman's Daybook." I've always enjoyed journaling and thought this would be a nice exercise for myself and something to share with all of you. Sometimes it's healthy for us to get out of our "blogging" comfort zone. Hope you enjoy seeing a little glimpse into my life.  See you next week at our regular tea time, Nora For today... Sunday, November 1 Outside my window... to the left the branches of the pomegranate tree are bowing with the weight of the fruit. There's much less fruit on the tree this year, but the pomegranates we have are large and a beautiful burgundy color. To the right, the leaves of my Japanese maple tree are dry and curling at the edges. I'm hoping it's just due to fall and not drought related. I am thinking... it's time I should m