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Forget Me Nots & French Vanilla

Hello Tea Friends, It's hard to believe that February is almost over! This month flew by for me and I'm sorry I didn't get to post more. Two weeks ago I met a longtime friend for tea and she gifted me two of her late aunt's Shelley teacups. Her aunt was first generation Italian American and hosted tea parties. None of the other relatives wanted her eclectic set of English bone china teacups, so my friend generously gave me the two Shelleys and she kept the rest of the collection. Both of the teacups have been used which is unusual for Shelleys, and I'm certainly glad. I'm actually going to use this teacup for my weekend tea time.  What a treat to drink from a Shelley!  It will also be a beautiful addition to my tea party cups. I hope this teacup creates more tales in its new home.   Let me introduce you to... Shelley ~ Forget Me Not Pattern #0442 Warwick Cup Shape Similar to the Dainty Shape-but fewer pronounced c urves Person