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CommuniTEA in February

  Each Friday afternoon my friend and I celebrate the end of the work week with a virtual tea time via Zoom. No cooking or cleaning is involved, just the joy of conversation over cups of tea. It's something we look forward to all week. After ordering one of our favorite teas from Adagio Teas (their chestnut), she discovered the CommuniTEA. We thought this would be an interesting way to celebrate tea time "together" and change up my morning usual teas. (Since working from home, I'm drinking so much more tea.) According to Adagio's website, "the CommuniTEA is a unique place where Adagio patrons from all around the world can sit down together over the same cup of tea on the same day, discuss whether they enjoyed it, and even share photos." Each month a different variety of teas is featured. The box costs $19 and there is one sleeve of loose leaf tea for each day of the month.  I'm not a big fan of herbal teas, so I reached out to Adagio about the types

Lovely Lace

  Lace and Tea  Having lace table settings at tea time really elevates the experience! Some say lace is old fashioned, but handmade lace is such a beautiful art form that perhaps needs a second look for some people. I worry that it has become a dying art form.  Today I want to feature some pieces my aunt has made and gifted me. For those of you who follow my blog, you may recognize some of these designs from past posts. I want to make them front and center on this post. My aunt lives in Ireland and creates these pieces without using a pattern.    This piece can be used as a doily, but I place it at the center of my table during afternoon tea. It has a snowflake and flower-like appeal to it.  The thread used in this piece is a bit thicker than others. To really appreciate lace, one needs to take a long, close look. I embroider but can't imagine making all of these tiny knots in such amazing unison. First of all, I apologize for the crimps on this piece. I need to do a better job at

Wild Flowers

  As a tea lover, a gift of a teacup is such a treasure! At the last tea party I hosted (which seems like years ago), my two friends gifted me with this beautiful and vibrant teacup and saucer. They know my love for vintage teacups. The floral pattern has a bit of a more modern flair than some traditional ones. I like the bold shade of green on the stems. This featured teacup was made under the trade name Royal York which was produced by Salisbury Crown Co China at Stoke-On-Trent in England. It's my first Royal York. Salisbury Crown Co China was in production from 1927-1961.   The teacup design is called Dainty which was originally created by Shelley. So many of these early English potteries traded and bought patterns and designs from one another. I find this history so interesting and want to learn more about the inner dynamics of this once booming industry. Receiving a vintage teacup as a gift is the essence of what this blog is all about-these beautiful teacups have so many hidd

Comforts of Home

  Happy New Year! I can't think of a time when I was so looking forward to a year ending. 2020 was a challenge in so many ways that no one could have predicted. It's my hope that the vaccine b rings some normalcy to all of our lives in 2021. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones due to COVID or are suffering themselves. I truly understand that my post and this blog are pretty insignificant in terms of what others are experiencing.  Since March, like many of you, my home became my workplace. I had to create an area that was functional and one where my work materials didn't intrude into every room. It was important to me to do this to maintain balance. I am fortunate to have such a space. I've never considered myself a homebody until now. I love to travel, visit friends, go to tearooms and antique shopping adventures, but this time period allowed me to learn a bit more about myself and discover  that I'm actually content being at home. Good tea and a great