CommuniTEA in February

 Each Friday afternoon my friend and I celebrate the end of the work week with a virtual tea time via Zoom. No cooking or cleaning is involved, just the joy of conversation over cups of tea. It's something we look forward to all week.

After ordering one of our favorite teas from Adagio Teas (their chestnut), she discovered the CommuniTEA. We thought this would be an interesting way to celebrate tea time "together" and change up my morning usual teas. (Since working from home, I'm drinking so much more tea.)

According to Adagio's website, "the CommuniTEA is a unique place where Adagio patrons from all around the world can sit down together over the same cup of tea on the same day, discuss whether they enjoyed it, and even share photos." Each month a different variety of teas is featured.

The box costs $19 and there is one sleeve of loose leaf tea for each day of the month. 

I'm not a big fan of herbal teas, so I reached out to Adagio about the types of teas offered. They replied that there is a combination of black, herbal, white and green teas. I'm looking forward to discovering some new teas.

During the month I'll share about the tea blends. On the website CommuniTEA subscribers post daily about the featured tea and the actual name of the tea is listed. The sleeves only list the ingredients of the tea. Guess it's a marketing strategy for customers to go onto the site daily and potentially purchase the tea. I think this will be a fun way to start the new month! 

Happy February!

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  1. What a great way to sample Adagio teas. If you're on Instagram, I've seen tea bloggers share Communitea pics!

  2. I do like Adagio teas, Nora, and this sounds like a fun idea. I’m also one that doesn’t like herbal teas, and I’m not too fond of green teas, either. How nice that you and your friend share tea time together every Friday.


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