Lovely Lace


Lace and Tea 

Having lace table settings at tea time really elevates the experience!

Some say lace is old fashioned, but handmade lace is such a beautiful art form that perhaps needs a second look for some people. I worry that it has become a dying art form. 

Today I want to feature some pieces my aunt has made and gifted me. For those of you who follow my blog, you may recognize some of these designs from past posts. I want to make them front and center on this post.

My aunt lives in Ireland and creates these pieces without using a pattern. 


This piece can be used as a doily, but I place it at the center of my table during afternoon tea. It has a snowflake and flower-like appeal to it. 

The thread used in this piece is a bit thicker than others. To really appreciate lace, one needs to take a long, close look. I embroider but can't imagine making all of these tiny knots in such amazing unison.

First of all, I apologize for the crimps on this piece. I need to do a better job at not folding the lace when I store it. I avoid ironing these pieces too much. Don't want to dry out the threads.
This piece is beige.

Love the contrast of the different thread patterns. The holes are so unbelievably tiny! This a close up of a beige mini table runner.

Clever coaster! I have a set of four of these and do use them often. This a bit more crochet-like. My aunt sewed around a circular piece of glass.

When hosting an afternoon tea or tea time by yourself, it's lovely to be surrounded by lace and all of the niceties that makes the experience special.
This year I am trying to "use" more of my tea treasures. Yes, some teacups are too fragile and some lace pieces will be heirlooms but I do want to make an effort to enjoy more from my collection.

Do you have pieces from your tea time collection that you have set aside for display only?

Enjoy the rest of national hot tea month,


  1. Oh Nora, what treasures you’ve shared!!! I adore lace and am swooning over your pieces. How lucky to have them and made by your aunt.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pretty lace collection! I think the snowflake lace is my favourite.

    I have a few teapots that are purely decorative (e.g., Santa).

  3. Sadly, I agree with you on the idea that some people might think of doilies and such as old fashioned. I would love for them to become a new and popular interest once again. I truly love the handmade doilies of the past and those made new today. You are blessed to have these treasures from your Aunt; and what better way to enjoy them by adding them to your tea time; as well as displaying them to enjoy for everyday.


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