Blossom Time Cream Tea

While it is still officially summer, my thoughts are heading toward autumn with one day of cooler weather we experienced this weekend. Back to the 90's later this week.
This summer I hosted a cream tea in my garden and invited two tea friends whom are avid teacup collectors. 

The featured teacups were all from Royal Albert's "Blossom Time" series which I have been collecting and was one short. I like how they are various colors yet blend together so well.

This series was produced between 1966-1970s. The series includes Apple Blossom, Lilac, Orange Blossom, Laburnum, Hawthorne and Wisteria-not featured in the photo.

(Oops, while reading over this post before publishing, I noticed I forgot to include Apple Blossom in my photo. It's in the curio chest.)

The Cream Tea's Menu:

Teas: Paris by Harney and Sons
         Celebration by Harney and Sons
Scones: Traditional Raisin
Additional Sweets: Banana Bread
                            Apricot & White Chocolate Mini Cookies

Forget Me Nots & French Vanilla

Hello Tea Friends,
It's hard to believe that February is almost over! This month flew by for me and I'm sorry I didn't get to post more.

Two weeks ago I met a longtime friend for tea and she gifted me two of her late aunt's Shelley teacups. Her aunt was first generation Italian American and hosted tea parties. None of the other relatives wanted her eclectic set of English bone china teacups, so my friend generously gave me the two Shelleys and she kept the rest of the collection. Both of the teacups have been used which is unusual for Shelleys, and I'm certainly glad. I'm actually going to use this teacup for my weekend tea time. What a treat to drink from a Shelley! It will also be a beautiful addition to my tea party cups. I hope this teacup creates more tales in its new home.

Let me introduce you to...

Shelley ~ Forget Me Not Pattern #0442

Honey Black Oolong

Hello Tea Friends, I want to share with you a new tea I discovered at the San Francisco Tea Festival...Honey Black Oolong by Esteemed Tea Collective I'm always eager to try new tea types, as I mainly drink different varieties of black tea.
The label describes this Taiwanese tea as,"sweet natural honey aroma coupled with mellow spices that warms and invigorates the body and soul. Perfect for a cold winter morning or as an afternoon pick me-up." The sachets are filled with whole tea leaves. (All packaging is recyclable.) Esteemed Collective is now selling this oolong tea as loose leaf. After I finished my first cup, I really noticed how smooth the tea tasted. There was absolutely no bitterness. Also, I like that it can be re-steeped about three times. I think this a perfect tea for devout black tea lovers to try.
Every type of tea has health benefits. Oolong is also known to aid in digestion and stimulate brain activity.
Esteemed Tea Collective sells a variety of oolong teas whic…

Friendly Village in the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas season and are eager for what awaits in 2019.
I began the new year at one of my favorite places in the world~ Carmel by the Sea. After spending some time on the beach, I went to a wonderful coffee house/bookstore in nearby Pacific Grove. Despite the cold, I enjoyed a pot of chai al fresco.
Bookworks, located on Lighthouse Avenue, combines two things I love: tea and books. Whenever I visit, I find unique and wonderful titles at the bookstore which is located behind the coffee shop in the same store. I really try to support independent bookstores as much as I can. Every town needs an independent bookstore in my opinion.
Today's featured English teacup and saucer is "The Friendly Village" by Johnson Brothers. This was one of the "holiday" teacups I used for my Christmas Tea. After visiting Carmel and Pacific Grove, I appreciate the calmness and beauty of "villages."
This pattern doesn't really dep…

My Christmas Afternoon Tea

Merry Christmas Tea Friends! I'm excited to share with you photos from the Afternoon Tea I hosted last Sunday. It seems like every year I hope to host an Afternoon Tea, but other holiday commitments seem to get in the way. This year I was determined to host one because my goal for the season is to quality spend time with friends and family.
Scone Course Tea: Chestnut by Adagio Eggnog Scones with cream and homemade strawberry jam
Savory Course Tea: Paris by Harney and Sons Cucumber and smoked salmon tea sandwiches Mini Spinach Florentine Quiches Honey Goat Cheese Phyllo Cups Spring Mix Salad with dried cranberries, Mandarin oranges and blue cheese crumble
Sweets Course Tea: Honey Oolong by Esteemed Tea Collective Early Grey Homemade Truffles Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake (shown above) Assorted Walker shortbread cookies
The scones (Tea Time Magazine recipe) and Chestnut tea appeared to be the "stars" of the tea.

Setting the table was one of the "tasks" I was really looking forwar…

Ornament Swap Reveal

Christmas Greetings! This season I participated in an ornament swap graciously hosted by Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose.
Stephanie matched us with partners and we gifted one another with an ornament and some holiday goodies. Look at this adorable ornament Susan in Michigan gifted me. I love snowmen, so this is the perfect ornament. Here's the back side with this important message.
She included these goodies too! I'm wearing these super soft socks right now. Love the herbal fruit tea sampler! Of course, chocolate is always welcomed and appreciated. I was matched with Adria in Colorado. She also loves snowmen, so this was a perfect match. I sent her a cloche ornament, Christmas tree notepad, Harney and Sons Holiday Tea and some chocolates. If you're reading this Adria, thank you for your sweet note.
To view more ornament swap exchanges, please visit Stephanie's blog: The Enchanting Rose. Participants will be posting their new ornament swap treasures.
Thank you Stephanie for spre…

Vintage Poinsettias and Holly

Season's Greetings, Tea Friends Last week I shared that I am hosting a Christmas Tea with friends this upcoming Saturday. I've been slowly collecting bone china Christmas teacups. In the last post I featured "Christmas Roses" by Queens. Here are three more vintage Christmas teacups that I've added to my collection. All were purchased on etsy. I must admit that this is my favorite holiday teacup. It is a Royal Albert from the Flower of the Month series. I would love to collect more from this series.
There are two Flower of the Month series. The first one was produced from the 1950s to 1960s and featured holly as the December flower. The cup shapes were Hampton, Countess and Gainsborough. 
My teacup is from the second series produced in the 1970s with Montrose shape cups.

Here is another Royal Albert titled "Poinsettia."

This was produced in 1976 and has the same high quality of bone china as earlier patterns.

The last teacup is a Queens Rosina in the "Yulet…