June Roses

 “Count the roses, not the thorns.” 

― Matshona Dhliwayo

I thought this quote is a fitting way to welcome myself back to the blogging world. I'm not going to focus on the "thorns" of having not been an active blogger for a while but instead focus on my happiness of wanting and actually needing to being a part of the tea blogging community again. Communities whether online or in person offer respites of self care. Tea times via Zoom during the pandemic lockdown offered me a chance to connect with others and now outdoor tea times seem like a huge celebration. 

Tea remains my elixir for my weekend down time-a good book and a pot of tea! Such a simply joy! Tea continues to be one way to strengthen friendships. It seems to slow down life's pace and provide opportunity for long chats with friends. I always look forward to hosting afternoon and cream teas with friends. Trying new recipes and collecting "new" vintage cups are hobbies of mine. 

Speaking of collecting teacups, I gifted myself today's featured teacup: a Royal Albert Flower of the Month series, June. I've been fascinated with these particular teacups for quite a while. To me they are reminders of the tiny ways we can celebrate each month. June happens to be my birthday month and its flower is the rose. 

Royal Albert produced four different series of Flower of the Month starting in the 1950s and ending around the early 1980s. One can distinguish between the series based on the cup style and choice of flowers for the months. Two of the series featured the dog rose for the month of June as opposed to the traditional tea rose.

June Dog Rose Royal Albert ~ Flower of the Month Series
Produced from 1950s-1960s
Gainsborough & Hampton Teacup Shapes

My teacup is from the last series produced in 1970 and features a Montrose teacup shape. I found this treasure on Etsy. I envy those of you who have local Goodwill and other thrift shops to search for vintage goods. My area has very few and I've never seen a teacup in one-only old coffee mugs.

I'm actually using this teacup each morning during my summer break. So many teacups I save because of their age or risk of staining them, but I absolutely love starting my day with this piece of fine china.

I'm drawn to teacups with designs inside the cups.

Lovely pink roses

So happy to add this teacup to my collection. It will join the teacups of the months of February and December from the series.

Until our next tea time,


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