Friendly Village in the New Year

Happy New Year!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas season and are eager for what awaits in 2019.

I began the new year at one of my favorite places in the world~ Carmel by the Sea. After spending some time on the beach, I went to a wonderful coffee house/bookstore in nearby Pacific Grove. Despite the cold, I enjoyed a pot of chai al fresco.

Bookworks, located on Lighthouse Avenue, combines two things I love: tea and books. Whenever I visit, I find unique and wonderful titles at the bookstore which is located behind the coffee shop in the same store. I really try to support independent bookstores as much as I can. Every town needs an independent bookstore in my opinion.

Today's featured English teacup and saucer is "The Friendly Village" by Johnson Brothers. This was one of the "holiday" teacups I used for my Christmas Tea.
After visiting Carmel and Pacific Grove, I appreciate the calmness and beauty of "villages."

This pattern doesn't really depict a village. I do enjoy the variety of colors though. 

The dinner plate is quite lovely, and I prefer this scene. (Pieces are available for purchase at Replacements.)

This pattern began production in 1953 and discontinued in 2003. 

Looking forward to sharing more teacup and tea adventures with you in the new year.

Have a wonderful week,


  1. Happy New Year Nora! I love Johnson Brother’s Friendly Village. I don’t have too many pieces but find it to be the perfect pattern for winter time. Wishing you all the best in 2019!

  2. Happy New Year, Nora! Bookworks looks like a fun place to visit. It's always nice to support a local, independent business.

    I'm also fan of JB's Friendly Village pattern. A few years ago, I spotted 6 Friendly Village mugs in pristine condition at my local Value Village. I didn't have room to store them so persuaded my mom, who was shopping with me, to bring them home. Later on, I was able to add 4 sets of the teacups/saucers to her collection. I'm such a good daughter!

  3. I'm sipping my tea from that very same Friendly Village teacup, this morning, Nora! I love that pattern for winter, too.
    Carmel by the Sea is a spot that I dream to visit. Maybe one day?

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  5. Nora, I love that pattern, but I don't have a single piece. I was already on the blue and white path when I first saw it, and have "a few" other patterns besides, so … no more room at the inn. Independent bookstores are a rarity, so I can't NOT go into one when I spot it!


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