Lilac Spring Tea

Welcome Spring!

Yes, it's officially spring! I just love this time of year. The anticipation of the buds opening and the myriad of colors that are about to appear always puts me in a optimistic mood.
Here is my lilac almost in full bloom in the backyard. The color is amazing and the scent is so fragrant. Since the flowers don't last very long, I really cherish them. I'm always sad to see them go. Do any of you have the Bloomerang Lilac that blooms twice a year? I'm curious about them.

Please join me for tea and cookies in the garden.

Today's featured teacup is Lilac from Royal Albert's Blossom Time Series. It is in the Shelley shape and I inherited it from a great aunt. 

These cups were produced from 1966-1970s.

There are six cups in the Blossom Time Series: Apple Blossom, Hawthorne, Laburnum,
Lilac, Orange Blossom and Wisteria

I really love this series and I think the cup designs will go well with many spring and summer tea party themes. I've been on a quest to collect the other teacups in the series. So far Laburnum and Orange Blossom are my "vintage" newcomers. 

For you, I have prepared a small pot of organic ginger-pear white tea along with some cookies to celebrate the start of spring. In honor of all of the bees' hard work, I baked honey peanut butter cookies for our tea. 

"The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole, undamaged and fresh, just as he found them."
~Saint Francis de Sales

Here are some other signs of spring and new beginnings in our backyard:

 Grape Leaves 
Estella Rijnveld tulip 

 Meyer Lemon Blossom...incredibly fragrant

Ranunculus reaching for the sun

"Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment."      ~Ellis Peters

Have a lovely week!     ~Nora


  1. Your lilac is beautiful! We used to have a property border fence of white, lavender and pink lilacs and oh, the lovely fragrance! Love your teacup. Perfect accompaniement! Your garden is lovely...far ahead of ours!

  2. I don't know where you live but spring is definitely at your house. That is a beautiful cup and saucer and fresh lilacs! I know they smell wonderful!

  3. We had a beautiful big lilac tree in the backyard for about 30 years. Finally it got too big and hubby decided it had to go, much to the horror of the grandsons who used it as a ladder to get on to the garage roof.
    Your teacup is lovely and I wish you well in finding the rest of the set. I am on a quest for some Colclough teacups to make up a set I got from my mother.


  4. Pretty spring flowers, spring is so welcome after all the cold. Love your teacup. Those honey peanut butter cookies look really yummy!

  5. Hi Nora, What an absolutely gorgeous post! My late mom loved lilacs more than anything! Yours is so pretty and that cup is such a treasure. I hope you can collect them all! Thank you for your kind expression of sympathy in the loss of our little dog; she belonged to my late mom and was so very special to each of us. Have a wonderful spring day! Mildred

  6. I adore lilacs and I can't grow them down here. Your teacup is just perfect for spring. The blossom time series ... I bet they are all gorgeous. Looks like spring has definitely arrived in your garden. Lucky you! Happy Tea Day!

  7. Hi Nora,
    Your RA Lilac teacup is gorgeous! I love lilacs and their fragrance. You are blessed to have so many lovely flowers in bloom already. I am sure I won't see grass for six weeks because of all the snow we have here. We had another snow storm yesterday so we Islanders are all feeling a bit down over it all. Meanwhile, I can enjoy Spring loveliness on posts like yours. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea today.


  8. Hi Nora: Love your Lilac Tea cup it is just stunning. Colors are so vivid, I feel like I can smell them from here. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  9. Hi Nora,
    Your Royal Albert Blossom Time teacup is so pretty! I love your Tea in the Garden with the fabulous lilacs in the background and lovely bistro furniture. I can't wait to have another outdoor tea too! Your honey peanut butter cookies sound delish! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  10. Hi Nora,
    Your Royal Albert Blossom Time teacup is so pretty! I love your Tea in the Garden with the fabulous lilacs in the background and lovely bistro furniture. I can't wait to have another outdoor tea too! Your honey peanut butter cookies sound delish! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  11. Hi Nora,
    Your lilac teacup is so pretty! I can just about smell the lilac bush. We had some in Ohio and Michigan, but not here in Texas. I miss their lovely scent. I'd love to sample a honey peanut butter cookie with my cup of tea.
    Thank you for your visit, and your sweet comments. You're a noreply comment blogger, so I can't respond to you, except through your blog.

  12. Happy Spring, Nora! I love your RA Lilac blossom teacup! I saw the Orange Blossom teacup at a local antique shop and now I'm tempted to go back and get it!

  13. Love that teacup. I can almost smell the lilacs!! We had some lilac bushes but a bit of a remodel took them down. I need to get more. They are the best scent

  14. Hi Nora--I really enjoyed seeing spring in your yard! Mine is a bit behind yours, but I'm starting to see daffodils in my neighborhood :). Your lilacs are beautiful and the perfect complement to that pretty teacup.

  15. What a beautiful spot for tea among your gorgeous lilacs! Perfect cup, too! Enjoy!

  16. Such a pretty blog post. My late mom and I always loved lilacs. The sweet perfume brings back fond memories. Wishing you a wonderful day.


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