Birds & Blooms Morning Tea

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it is always June."
                                                                                                                                    ~L.M. Montgomery

Happy June Tea Friends!
The month of June has always been a favorite of mine. The start of summer, my birthday and anniversary, and our annual family camping trip all take place during this remarkable month. 
While we don't have the warm weather quite yet, I still enjoy sitting outside on the weekends with my tea even if there is a bit of cold in the air. The singing of neighborhood birds has been symphonic these last couple of weeks. They inspired my post this week along with a special teacup.

Please join me for a Birds and Blooms Morning Tea in the garden.

When we moved into our house almost five years ago, many bird houses hung from the fences that were left by the previous owners. It piqued my interest in bird decor and of course identifying the local birds. 

Today's featured teacup is a red Ridgway Windsor transferware that I purchased on ebay. I have enjoyed seeing fellow bloggers' transferware collections and decided I would like to collect one for myself. It's nice to break out of my usual teacup style.
 I like the saucer's scalloped edges and the floral design.
 This is a pretty backstamp. After some research I believe Ridgway produced this pattern in the 1950s.
 The mythical crane is not the focus of the teacup, but expertly painted into the scene. (I like the extra paint dots above its head.)
Ridgway merged with Booths and Colclough China Company in the 1940s and later became part of Royal Doulton in the 1960s.
If you want to learn more about Ridgway's history, this article has some interesting facts. The history of English potteries reads like a soap opera. 

Let's have some palmier cookies and a white tea called Chinese Snow Leopard. I will review this tea in a future post.

 Fun bird teapot from Home Goods.

The tiled birdhouse is from a garden store in Carmel, California and the pink bird is an after Easter purchase at World Market. Blooms are pink miniature roses from the garden and leftover mums from a bouquet.

I was recently at my mom's house and "acquired" some doilies made by my aunt in Ireland. The handiwork is just amazing! I can't believe how small the holes are in the lace work. 
This small doily looks nice under a saucer. Now I just need to use them and not save them in the linen closet for a special occasion.

As always I appreciate your company at tea. I hope you enjoy your own tea time this week as well. I leave you with some backyard bird chirping via the video below. (I hope you are able to play it.)


  1. Lovely yard! I love your teacup. It's a variation of the Asiatic Pheasant pattern that was adapted from china brought from the orient in the 17th century and has always been popular. Isn't red transferware cheery and adaptable? So nice you have lots of birds. I love watching them, but so does my indoor cat...I think we have different opinions though!

  2. I LOVE transferware teacups, Nora, and red is a favorite of mine. Your teacup is a beauty and a lovely eBay find for sure. I'd so enjoy sitting with you at your sweet table and look at your precious doilies! Can you believe all the love that was put into those tiny stitches?? Happy tea day!

  3. Nora, I adore transferware, especially the red, so I am loving your teacup! I like your red/birdhouse theme. I would love to find a red and white checked tablecloth. A few years ago, I had painted many birdhouses and had them displayed above my kitchen cabinets. I still have a few up there but mostly my teapots have taken their place. The doilies are fabulous! What lovely work and your aunt having made them makes them even more special. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea today.


  4. Yes, the video worked for me. Your bird teapot is lovely, as is your red transferware teacup! Gotta love how other tea bloggers inspire us to expand our china horizons! Hee!

  5. I love you Ridgway Staffordshire, Nora! So, so pretty. I am a huge fan or transferware, although blue and white is my personal preference. I'd also love to get my hands on some Staffordshire Blacksmith's Forge, I think it's sublime! Gorgeous crochet you've inherited!

  6. Hi: Love the teapots. I have the one with the bird on it too. Always a pleasure to visit you. Blessings, Martha

  7. So nice to meet you! Your cup and doilies are utterly charming!

  8. Hi Nora,
    I love your Ridgeway Transferware teacup and that gorgeous birdie teapot. I love birds and June too! The chirping is soooo sweet! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary this month! And, Happy Tea Day! Karen

  9. Hi Nora,
    I love your Ridgeway Transferware teacup and that gorgeous birdie teapot. I love birds and June too! The chirping is soooo sweet! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary this month! And, Happy Tea Day! Karen

  10. Happy Birthday/Anniversary month! Love your Homegoods find (best store ever!). Lovely crochet! It is so much more special when a family member made it. I really enjoyed listing to the birds chirping! Lovely end to your post :) Thanks for stopping by my blog (especially since I've been a bad visitor myself lately :)).

  11. Your table setting is so pretty, I love the red transferware and the antique doilies. They are a treasure.
    It sounds like you are in for a busy month so I'll let you sit and sip awhile...


  12. Hello my dear! It was a delight to join your for tea this morning....and a mighty lovely tea it was :) And your doilies are oh-so-pretty!

    Thank you for sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Happy weekend!


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