My Parisian Saturday Mornings ~ A Tea Review

Bonjour Tea Friends!

Hope all is well with you. For this post I want to share a simple Saturday tea tradition of mine and my first tea review.

For many years, I have dreamed about a trip to Paris. While there, I would love to go to a cafe, sip tea and enjoy a croissant and other French pastries. Have any of you had this experience? I also wonder what the tearooms are like in Paris. Are they much different than British ones? I'm interested in learning about your Parisian tearoom experiences. Please share.
This image above conjures up many happy emotions for me. I can stare at that photo all day and dream a little.

Well back to reality...Whenever possible I like to begin my Saturday mornings with cups of tea and catching up on my reading whether it's magazines or a novel. This little alone time is something I look forward to all week and is a positive way to begin my weekend. Drinking tea at work is a rushed experience and doesn't compare to steeping quality tea and simply relaxing. Whenever the weather allows, I take tea in the backyard, but this particular Saturday was quite windy so I enjoyed my tea in the living room.

Most Saturday mornings I choose my favorite tea: Paris by Harney & Sons. I first experienced this tea at a tearoom and I simply ordered it based on the name alone. The Harney & Sons website describes this tea as "a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot." It is one of their most popular blends.
I'm not a huge fan of Earl Grey and this tea doesn't remind me in the least of it. Have any of your tried this tea before?
The tea is a lovely dark caramel color with a unique aroma. I drink mine straight and on the weak side. You can order this tea here and read more about it. Enjoy!
Today's featured teacup just had to be French! It's my one and only French teacup and I shared it on my Gold Teacup Party post in February. It's a miniature Limoges teacup.

It is marked Delvaux 18 Rue Royale which was a high end shop in Paris that manufactured their own glass. They are still in business today and are listed as a leather goods store. The store probably contracted a pottery in Limoges to produce these cups. Many of these cups were produced in the 1930s. My great aunt must have purchased this at an auction as she had never traveled to Paris.

Here's to a great week of tea and conversation!

"Paris is always a good idea."
~Audrey Hepburn


  1. Hello Nora,
    I have never had the pleasure of enjoying tea in Paris but my son has been there three times. He doesn't do tea but he likes coffee. He says the food is an experience in Paris. Love your little golden teacup! I have never tried the Paris tea but like you, I prefer my tea on the weak side and always black. Thank you for sharing your lovely post and joining me for tea today.


  2. Oh Nora, tea in Paris....what a dream come true :) Thank you for sharing this delightul post and beautiful images. Have a wonderful week!

  3. It's wonderful to dream a little, Nora! I've never been to Paris, either, but one never knows. I'm not a fan of Earl Grey tea, either, but the Paris blend sounds interesting, and I'd love to try it. I guess that would take me away to Paris somewhat!

  4. Like you I had my first taste of Harney and Sons "Paris" tea at a Tea Room, it just so happened to be named "Paris in a Teacup". Like you I ordered it just for it's name. I loved it and had to buy myself a tin. I have never been to Paris and may never get that chance, but it's nice to dream. I love your photo!

  5. Paris the city of love, now is known as home for tea and great china. Really enjoyed you blog and pics.

  6. Love your Saturday tea tradition, especially the pretty yellow teacup and teapot! Haven't tried the Paris tea yet...but it sounds like a winner to me!

  7. Hi Nora: I am going to have to try that tea, it sounds so good. Love your tea cups this week. I too love to sit drink tea and read my magazines. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  8. Oh la la, Nora.....cette thé c'est très belle!! J'adore! I love your pretty yellow, too! Thank you for sharing.

  9. I must confess I don't like Earl Grey with the requisite bergamot, so when reading the ingredients on Harney's Paris tea it discouraged me from buying it, so your review is good news to me. I have been to Paris a few times, but didn't visit any tea shops...but certainly did patisseries & choclatiers! Lol! Love your pretty demi. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. I find that Paris tea just tastes nice and fruity. It is definitely beloved. Your cups and saucers are really pretty. I doubt I shall ever go to Paris in this life but I can always enjoy it through photos and recipes and TEA. Thanks for the treat!

  11. Beautiful post! I have an adult nephew who once worked as the candy buyer for Target and he got to go to Paris! Interesting to see Bernideen's comment about the taste of Paris tea.

  12. Keep the faith in your dream!

  13. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to visit Paris. The tea sounds delicious, I have to order some. Your teacup is beautiful too. I've always had a soft spot for miniature teacups. What is your other teacup called?

  14. Thanks for asking. It is a Royal Albert from the Blossom Time Series. This teacup is called Laburnum. I really like this series and I'm trying to collect all six cups in the series. Thanks again for visiting.


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