Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Teacup Exchange Treasures

Hello Tea Friends,
I have been so excited to share this post with you. For the third time, I participated in sweet Stephanie's teacup exchange through her blog The Enchanting Rose. Once again I'm overwhelmed with the creativity and generosity of my exchange partner.

Sandy of Simply Sandy certainly spoiled me. Please, come take a look.

Even with Hurricane Matthew raging, Sandy delivered an amazing assortment of tea related treasures. 

She expertly managed to place all of the items in this pretty fall themed box~ a perfect storage for fall themed teacups.

Orange is my favorite color and Sandy gifted me with a set of these pretty orange/white napkins which will be used for afternoon tea. So dainty! I love them.

When I'm out at a restaurant and forget my tea, I always regret it. The selection is always so limited. Now I have this wonderful teabag holder from Stephanie's Etsy Shop to hold my favorite teas. Love the lace pockets and floral pattern.

Nothing is better than reading a good book with a cup of tea! Sandy gifted me with this classic and I can't wait to read it. I'm going to suggest it to my book club as our next selection. Sandy also included a cute navy bookmark from Stephanie's shop.

Of course, I am thrilled to share this beautiful white English teacup.
It is an Adams Real English Ironstone produced in Micratex, England.

This mark is from 1966 and onward when Adams became part of the Wedgewood Company.
I am so happy to add this cup and saucer to my collection, and I'm excited to learn about another English pottery company that I didn't know about before this exchange. 
Sandy, as a teacup collector, it means a great deal to me that you gifted me with such a special teacup.

I'm certainly ready to taste the Savannah Bee Co. honey. Wonder if it will taste differently than our local honey?
Look at the ceramic floral tea spoon holder-such a charming design on it. I so appreciate the long handle of the spoon-just right for stirring and fetching a teabag out of the cup.

I adore this tiny tiny teacup with the lemon wedge. Doesn't it look like my teacup? I think it could be used for a dollhouse, but I'm going to carefully place it on my desk. The details are so intricate.

Sandy, a million thanks for making my fall a bit brighter. 

All the best,

To see more teacup exchange reveals, please go to Stephanie's blog, The Enchanting Rose on November 2.

I'm bringing my teacup to these parties:


  1. Oh my, Sandy went all out, didn't she :) She is such a precious, kind-hearted lady and her love shines through her sweet gifts. Your tea cup package is simply lovely, my friend. It brings me much joy and delight to see how bless everyone has been through the exchange.

    Much love and sweet hugs to you, Nora!

  2. Nora, you hit the jackpot! There is nothing like a good book and a cup of tea.
    Thank you again, for all the wonderful items you sent to me. It has been so much fun to meet you and make a new tea friend!

  3. Your tea exchange treasures are amazing, Nora. I adore that ironstone teacup!

    You are SO right about bringing your own (much better) teabags when travelling- and they don't charge for the hot water (usually) so it is free. Win-Win!


  4. Such a wonderful package! The honey was such a sweet idea, and the teaspoon holder is so pretty.

  5. What a wonderful package! I love that spoon holder; it is so pretty!

  6. Oh Nora, I know that you are thrilled with your lovely teacup and all your other thoughtful gifts that you were blessed with from Sandy. What a blessing this exchange is and all from our sweet friend, Stephanie, who has such a loving heart.

  7. So many cute gifts and homemade are special.

  8. What a wonderful package, Nora! Of course, my favourite items are the elegant white tea set, teabag holder and the purple (?) ceramic teabag holder. I've been admiring the ironstone tea sets featured on other blogs and now I kinda want my own! Hee!

  9. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  10. Sandy blessed your heart with an array of beauty. What a delightful tea cup.
    I bet that honey was tasty. :-)


  11. Sandy blessed your heart with an array of beauty. What a delightful tea cup.
    I bet that honey was tasty. :-)


  12. Oh yes, a lovely assortment of goodies for you. I love how everything just blends together and I can tell you really like orange. You have a nice blog too.

  13. What a beautifully shaped teacup! I really like white teacups when they have a nice shape as well. You received so many beautiful items. The tea wallets Stephanie makes are so pretty. Enjoy your tea times :)

  14. A very nice package. :-) I'm sure you thoroughly enjoyed opening it and finding all those goodies.

  15. Lucky, lucky you. What a nice assortment of goodies. Hugs, LJ

  16. Lucky you, Nora, Sandy has put together an amazing package.

  17. What a beautiful exchange! Happy holidays!


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