Tea Time Accessories~ Part One

Please join me as we discover or rediscover some tea time accessories that often go unnoticed. While the teapots and teacups garner all the attention, other items deserve praise as well. They embellish our tablescapes and provide for a well rounded tea service.

Tea Caddies or Tea Bag Holders

This small accessory is a must if you are serving bagged tea. It provides a place to rest a steeped tea bag without a mess. A guest may also place a spoon on it as well.

Here are a few of my gifted bone china holders.

Porcelain one from a 2016 Teacup Exchange

Plastic ones which are ideal for a casual outdoor tea

A very special royal one! My Anglophile friend gifted me this one after attending the wedding as a spectator.

I prefer drinking loose tea, but I do have a variety of teabags on hand. I notice my new-to-tea friends prefer choosing a certain tea in bag form than a given tea from a teapot.

Thank you for visiting and come by again soon as I will continue to feature more tea time accessories.

"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. I also think these are special and deserve attention along with tea cups and tea pots. I do love your collection of tea bag holders. I myself only have one; but will keep my eye's open to finding more.

  2. What fun - I have the cutest set of tea bag caddies - they have a little wire holder and each one has a cute face, I'll have to do a blog about it some time.

  3. How wonderful and inspiring!Love your collection,I will begin mine!Lol!Hugs!

  4. Nora, lovely collection! Like you, I drink loose leaf teas, so don't use these myself. But they make nice little gifts for friends who use teabags. Unlike you, however, I don't care if "my new-to-tea friends prefer choosing a certain tea in bag form than a given tea from a teapot;" they're going to take what they get at my house! :D

  5. Hi Nora! I've missed you!! Thank you for your visit to my blog. Your collection of teabag holders is so pretty. I'm one that likes either loose or teabags. I look forward to reading more posts from you.

  6. I have a soft spot for teabag holders so I enjoyed seeing your wonderful collection. Of course, I favour the dainty purple ones. I recently received a number of teabag holders for my birthday which I'll have to share in an upcoming post. I look forward to the next Tea Time Accessories post!

  7. I dearly love them! And butter pats and open salts work perfectly too! Great post!
    Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  8. Love ypur tea holder collection. Very pretty!....Christine

  9. Hi Nora... Thanks for your kind visit to my blog.... Goodness ....you have such a lovely collection. It such fun to see and use these pretty little teatime accessories isn’t it ... I do have some that I’ve gathered over the years ... Now you’ve inspired me to search them out( Ha Ha) I’ll look forward to readying your next post. ...Hugs


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