Christmas Roses

Welcome December and the Christmas season!

I always look forward to Christmas and each year I try to do something a bit different. After mulling it over for a couple of years, I am (finally) going to host a Christmas Tea with new and old friends. Some years I get caught up in the last minute holiday shopping, decorating, cleaning the house and don't spend enough time with those closest to me. My overall hope for this season is to simply enjoy the company of others and invite people over.

I started collecting vintage Christmas English bone china teacups a few years ago with the hope of one day hosting a Christmas Tea. I have to admit I've been spending a lot of time on etsy looking for other holiday themed teacups (at good prices).
Here is the newest one in my collection: 
December Christmas Rose by Queen's

The rest of my Christmas teacups are red and green, so it is nice to have a different palette. 

The design reminds me of Royal Albert's Flower of the Month series.

I'm not very familiar with Queen's. My short amount of research states Rosina China manufactured Rosina at Queens Pottery in Longton, hence the name. This teacup is from the 1980's. One of my other Christmas teacups is a Rosina. In my opinion the quality is lower than Shelley, Paragon and Royal Albert but still pretty and collectible. 

 I enjoy having fresh flowers in my home throughout the year, but it is challenging during winter. The rose featured on this teacup is actually an hellebore, a winter flowering plant, not an actual rose. It can survive below freezing temperatures.
We had our first real rain of autumn and here's a photo of my "Mellow Yellow" rose tree after the showers stopped. Our autumn was really warm, so the flowers have kept blooming (fortunately).

 "Fiesta" rose

I look forward to sharing some more of my new vintage Christmas teacups in the following weeks. I'm going to start planning the menu for my tea this week and possibly practice some new recipes. 

Are you planning any teas or parties this holiday season?

Enjoy the first week of December and thanks for visiting,

On Wednesday I'll be visiting a new party called Vintage Charm at Our Hopeful Home. I look forward to seeing other vintage finds there.


  1. Hi Nora... I do love Christmas teacups. Hope you have enough for your tea. The roses are gone here, so yours are so pretty.

  2. Oooh! I love Christmas-themed teacups (they're so hard to find around here!) so I can't wait to see the rest of your collection. Your December rose teacup is lovely.

    I normally try to organize a Christmas tea social at the office, but there are so many holiday parties going on that I might just do a "pop-up tea" where we bring our own cups and sample different seasonal teas.

  3. Your newest vintage teacup is a beauty, Nora. How nice that you're planning a tea during the holidays. I look forward to seeing more of your vintage teacup collection.

  4. Nora, that Mellow Yellow rose is a beauty! I think an afternoon tea is the best way to celebrate any season or occasion. Enjoy!

  5. I'm coming over from my friend, Sylvia's, blog. I thought I'd comment on this post because Roses are my favorite flower. What a pretty Christmas rose tea cup and saucer. And the yellow roses are lovely. Merry Christmas.



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