How It All Began

This is a fitting way for me to enter the world of blogging with the teacup that started it all. 
First of all, welcome to my blog-Tea Cup Tales and my first post! Over the past year I have been so inspired and motivated by fellow tea bloggers that I decided to create my own blog. Thank you for beginning this journey with me. More about me later...

Growing up I routinely liked to peer into my mother's curio chest and examine all of its treasures. This demitasse teacup was always on the middle shelf. Little did I know it was waiting for me. My great aunt, an impressive antique collector, purchased the teacup for me when I was a very young with the hope I would bring it into my own home one day. As I have begun to collect my own teacups I began to wonder about this teacup's origins. 

This teacup is one of the last teacups made in the Shelley factory circa 1960s. It is a Sheraton 13289 with the 1940-1966 backstamp. While researching I discovered this particular pattern was produced for the Canadian market. I wonder how it made its way south to the United States? Where did my aunt acquire it?

Do you remember your first teacup?


  1. Nora--your shelley is very pretty, and is an impressive first tea cup! And what a wonderful story behind it that you great aunt bought it for you! My first teacup I haven't shared yet--I'll have to do a post on it one day. When I was a child my grandmother gave me a set of inexpensive china that had belonged to my great grandmother. I thought it was the prettiest set ever! It's still the only full set of tea china I have :)


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