Lunar New Year Tea

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Happy New Year in Mandarin)

Please join me for a Lunar New Year tea. Jasmine Yin Hao (silver tip green tea from the Fujian province of China) will be served in our double happiness cups and we'll enjoy a feast of many traditional New Year dishes. (Sorry the background is similar to last week's post. I packed my red tablecloth with the Christmas decorations.)

Now that the meal is over let's sit back, relax and watch a lion dance. Albeit this will be a tiny dance from a tiny lion. Feed him lycee (red envelopes) for good health and fortune in the new year.

Another pot of tea will be served from a very special tea set I purchased when I traveled to China years ago. This Sichuanese tea set is designed to be used during the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. Each ceramic piece is covered and wrapped in an indigenous reed.

We can set our cups on several antique Chinese nesting tables given to me by my great aunt. I was always intrigued by these tables as a child.

The inlay of the cut mother of pearl is remarkable. Unfortunately the top table (not shown) has lightened due to sun exposure. I love that my Irish aunt became quite a collector of Asian art. She started with teacups and her antique collections grew from there.

Thank you for celebrating Lunar New Year with me!


  1. Wonderful! I love the teaset and the nesting tables are fabulous! I'm sure your tea dragon is very happy! :) Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Happy Lunar New Year, Nora. Love the unique design of the reed tea set, as well as the beautiful nesting tables!

  3. A wonderful posting, and I really like your nesting tables. Your tea set is very unique. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  4. Hi Nora,

    Happy Lunar New Year! I wish you much happiness in the year to come. Your nesting tables with inlay in mother of pearl are stunning! How special that your aunt gifted them to you - a real treasure. Happy tea day my friend.

  5. I do like those nesting tables. Have seen some in the past but NONE as lovely as those. A happy Lunar New Year to you!

  6. Happy New Year! Your Sichuanese tea set is gorgeous. I love items with stories. Beautiful tables. Happy Tea Day!

  7. Nora: I love those tables. The inlay is stunning. Happy Lunar New Year to you! Blessings, Martha

  8. What an interesting presentation. You have really presented an wonderful table! So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  9. Pretty tea set.....absolutely beautiful nesting tables, you're lucky to have them! Pinning!!

  10. Hi Nora, really like your Chinese New Year tea :). Those tables are gorgeous! I really like your teapot souvenir with the matching cups. I really like Asian artwork too--my mother decorated her house in it and I liked it so much that I have gotten some pieces of my own. She has some nesting tables in rosewood--nowhere near as pretty as yours with the inlays!

  11. Hello! I've just found your blog and I think we have a lot in common! Happy Chinese New Year!

  12. Beautiful series here, lovely presentation. Happy New Year.


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