Vintage Poinsettias and Holly

Season's Greetings, Tea Friends
Last week I shared that I am hosting a Christmas Tea with friends this upcoming Saturday. I've been slowly collecting bone china Christmas teacups. In the last post I featured "Christmas Roses" by Queens.
Here are three more vintage Christmas teacups that I've added to my collection. All were purchased on etsy.
 I must admit that this is my favorite holiday teacup. It is a Royal Albert from the Flower of the Month series. I would love to collect more from this series.

There are two Flower of the Month series. The first one was produced from the 1950s to 1960s and featured holly as the December flower. The cup shapes were Hampton, Countess and Gainsborough. 
My teacup is from the second series produced in the 1970s with Montrose shape cups.

Here is another Royal Albert titled "Poinsettia."

This was produced in 1976 and has the same high quality of bone china as earlier patterns.

 The last teacup is a Queens Rosina in the "Yuletide" pattern. It was produced in the 1980's.

There were many teacups and entire sets in this pattern being sold on etsy.

I have one more holiday teacup to share that is more winter-themed than Christmas. I'm short one teacup for my tea party, so I will use a red Ridgway transferware cup.

Next week I will reveal my goodies from an ornament swap I participated in through The Enchanting Rose blog. 

Take the time to enjoy a cup of tea with a new or old friend over the holidays. After receiving some Christmas cards, I'm reminded that I should reconnect with some friends.
Please join me at a new party, Vintage Charms where I'll be sharing these teacups.
~Enjoy the week,


  1. Beautiful teacup, my granddaughter's birthday is December 29th, I gave her a December teacup when she was younger, looks like this one.

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  3. You have a wonderful collection of Tea Cups so perfect for a Christmas Time Tea.

  4. I've always been fond of the RA Flower of the Month series. I love the variety in your holiday teacups!

  5. These are simply beautiful. I thin your guests will be very lucky indeed to be seated at your tea table this Christmas! I'll look forward to hearing about the tea when you host it! And thanks for coming over to the Marmelade Gypsy. It's so very nice to have you visit and I appreciate your comments!

  6. Your teacups are all beautiful, Nora. I have the same RA teacup, and love using it. I wish I had the February one. Your tea party will be so festive and fun.

  7. Oh Nora, what beautiful tea cups! And they are just perfect for the Christmas season.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. Hugs to you!

  8. Hi Nora. I dearly love Christmas teacups. Those are some of my favorites! And I love your tablecloth! Hard to find something to go with Christmas teacups and not overwhelm tham. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas! So nice to be able to visit my dear blog friends!


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